“hello, world”

“hello, world” :)
We are starting this blog with the famous phrase of the traditional first program that many people learn. This is the first milestone of a long journey so we want to start from the basics here.
We are excited to announce our new website - www.mythinkstation.info. It is built based on the idea to give specific professionals the possibility to fine tune one of the most important tools for what they do – their workstation.
We, at myThinkStation.info, are technology enthusiasts and hard-core fans of Lenovo and especially the Think branded product line. We deeply believe that the ThinkStation P series workstations of Lenovo are the best designed computers for professional heavy loads. The best is what pro users need – nothing less.
We start this website with a configurator that will allow you to build your own workstation, exactly the way you want it – nothing more and nothing less. Later, we will add a simpler tool for the ones that are interested only in the main elements of their computer. Coming after that will be a tool to choose a workstation configuration based on the requirements of software application that you use. We also prepare a web shop where you can pick your workstation from preconfigured models and get it off-the-shelf.
So stay tuned and keep in touch! Cheers! ;)